Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Charkas Middle East Foods Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

This store has a great range of dried beans, lentils and other similar dried goods at fantastic prices. They also sell dry herbs and spices, yoghurt, fetta, olives, dried fruit and preserved vine leaves for making Dolmades. All of these are at very good prices too. A favourite of mine is the broken chick peas at about $1.50 a kilo. They make great hummus! What makes it worth my while returning frequently is the price of bread flour. I buy a 25kg bag for $25! I make most of our bread and use this amount in good time, but they also sell 12kg bags cheaply. They always have very cheap pitta bread too at $1 a bag. We live in the country, but when we are in Melbourne I try to get there to stock up. The staff are friendly and helpful and will help you get your shopping to your car, especially if you buy a big bag of flour!

The prices here are always good. No need to do anything special.

Contributed by: Lisa Docherty, 2 Aug 2011