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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
The Lebanese Loaf 41 Ryedale Road, Denistone, New South Wales, Australia

In this little Hidden Gem of a store the Lebanese owners spoke English with me and treated me as if I was part of the family. They treat my kids with indulgence and tolerance just like we ARE part of the family, which is a very rare thing indeed to be made to feel like that in a store. It's not because I'm a 'regular', it's just the way they are with everyone. It is apparently something of an institution and people come from far and wide to go there.

So, what do they sell? The BEST lebanese bread, fresh from the oven and piping hot and sooooo soft. Just delicious. Worth the trip for that alone. Baklava and biscuits to die for (not all swimming in honey and soggy like many places). They also sell nuts and legumes and pulses and all manner of flours and dried fruits. They apparently make a mean coffee (although I can't vouch for that myself because I don't drink coffee.)

The staff are fantastic, so friendly and helpful. If I'm getting baklava and say that I am just going to grab some bread they won't hear of ME walking the two metres to get it, they go and get it for me or have someone bring it to me. They encourage me to sample things and tell me the cheaper way to buy things. For example, when buying single pieces of an item (I wanted four at $1.50 each) they advised me to buy ten pieces instead because then they were sold by the kilo and the ten pieces cost just $5.80. They didn't have to tell me that, as shopkeepers they were going to get more money for less produce if they stayed silent but I was 'family' and they shared their knowledge with me.

Price-wise they are excellent value, especially considering the quality of product that you receive. In summary: Fantastic foodstuffs, friendlier than friendly staff, great value. It's a gem for sure.

You just walk in, and the staff will help you to get the best value.

Contributed by: Lorax, 20 Jun 2011

Posted by:
Leo, 19 Jul 2011

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