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Service: 3, Quality: 4, Price: 5
The Spud Shed Wanneroo Markets, 33 Prindiville Drive, Wangara, Western Australia, Australia

The Spud Shed is located at the eastern end of Wanneroo Markets, or further up Prindiville Drive if coming from Wanneroo Road. It is a grocery stall with nearly 50% devoted to fruit and veges and a limited range of other products. Prices are extremely cheap for most products. You can be guaranteed to find fruit for 99c a kilo every week. The quality isn't always the best, but it's about the same as what you get at the supermarkets anyway! They also have 99c loaves of white and multigrain bread, but they do have Tip Top at a cheap price too if you want better quality multigrain. Milk is consistently $2.49 for two litres and we buy 1kg of ham off-cuts for $5.99. Other products rotate depending on what they can get in, but I've never seen the products cheaper in normal supermarkets except for the meat, which you can get cheaper. It does get very busy so try to not go during peak times. Note as the store is so busy, the staff are not available often to answer questions.

The prices are all set in the store so you can't bargain. However, as it's part of the markets, if I get time, I walk through the fruit and veggie stalls first and look at the prices, then go to the Spud Factory and whatever is more expensive there I go back to the stalls afterwards.

Contributed by: The Smiths, 4 May 2010

Posted by:
Ozbev, 31 Aug 2010

The Spud Shed is also south of Perth at Baldivis. The original one burnt down but they have come back bigger and better and it is impossible to walk out of there without good value for money. I went on a detox veggie only diet for a week and thought it would cost me a mint but the The Spud Shed came to my rescue

Posted by:
Julie Stewart, 3 Mar 2011

I go to the Wangara Spud Shed every Tuesday as it's Seniors' Day and if I show my Seniors' Card at the checkout, I get 25% discount. I've also found bargains with marked-down meat, which go straight into the freezer when I get home.

Julie Stewart

Posted by:
Barb Hatch, 24 Aug 2017

spud shed now in different places as well ...