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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Eaglevale Quality Meats 12 Gould Rd, Eagle Vale, New South Wales, Australia

At Eaglevale Quality meats you can get 1/2 a lamb for around $55 and hindquarter of beef (40kg) or half side of beef (90kg) at $4.99/kg. The savings speak for themselves really :)

The meat is tasty and fresh. I bought a hindquarter and it included 2 silverside roasts, 4 packets of mince at 1.5kg, ribeye, t-bone, round steak, rump steak, dog bones, gravy beef and more.

You can order on the spot or call ahead but it will take 20 minutes to get a hindquarter ready.

I buy it and then sell some to my family and friends at the same price so that I can share the savings goodness with them. But we also have a deep freezer that stores the meat for much longer than a fridge freezer.

The special deals are there all the time :) No charming required but I'm sure it will make them feel good :P

Contributed by: Ali Wil (not waste money), 27 May 2011

Posted by:
Susan N, 25 Oct 2011

Sorry, but don't waste your money. Being frugal is not just about cheap meat it is also about getting value for money. This butcher is not value for money. Foul smelling meat, old meat etc. I rather buy in bulk through a wholesaler. Try Highland meats. You can buy online, the meat comes prepacked in servings of 2 and VERY FRESH!!! I just bought 1/8th of a cow and 1/2 a sheep for $365 - delivered and packed. It worked out to be $16 (approx) per kilo. Maybe more than this butcher, but I know at least it is fresh and the customer service is excellent.

Posted by:
Ali Wil (not waste money), 26 Oct 2011

Haven't had a problem, especially with the beef and it was recommended to me from other happy customers. Have you tried them personally or is this just a general opinion? I've been to a wholesaler and stopped going when I had to throw out several kilos of mince because it smelt like bleach. The proof is in the pudding for me.

Posted by:
Ali Wil (not waste money), 26 Oct 2011

Been thinking a bit about your post Susan N as I've hilled my potatoes :) If you have had a bad experience with Eaglevale specifically then I would like to know. I likewise don't want to have a bad experience, especially if it has been a common occurence for you with them.

However, it is to be expected that the meat will be of lower grade than the top quality stuff, at that price. Cattle are graded on the hoof and hook from A (the best) through to E (the worst). 'A' grade has a higher meat content with white fat (not too much of it) and meat marbling that melts into the meat when you cook it, helping to keep it moist and tasty. It ranges down to E grade where the beast does not carry so much meat and has more yellowish fat and little marbling. But the beasts can be exactly the same age. Also, the above factors can also be affected by the breed of the beast. Wagyu beef has plenty of marbling where the fat melts a lower temperature than other breeds which makes the meat even more tasty and tender. Limosin also have lots of marbling and plenty of meat. While Poll Shorthorns can be lighter on the meat. With all of this in mind, it should be expected that there is some lower grade quality meat being sold. However, there is no excuse for foul smelling meat. That indicates that the meat is off and is therefore a health hazard. Do you mean by 'old meat' that the meat is past it's due date, or from an older beast? Older beasts produce a darker meat that is a bit tougher than from the younger beast.

I just wanted to know specifically what you mean. The beef I bought was fattier but still bright red in colour. And it smelt fresh, I made sure. And I am pregnant so my sense of smell is particularly heightened at the moment.

Further to this, I grew up on a farm and have eaten various qualities of meat. I also showed cattle and have a bit of an idea of the grading system. Hence, I am willing to eat the lower graded stuff. But not everyone else is. I also know what good top graded stuff tastes like but I save up to go to a restaurant for this on special occasions :)

Looking forward to hearing your answers. If there is a problem, I'll contact the administrators to remove my Hidden Gem hint. I'm also buying another hindquarter on Monday so we'll see how we go.

Posted by:
Susan N, 27 Oct 2011

I personally have bvought from there on about 3 occassions and never again! I regularly have walked past and it stinks of old meat. I personally have worked in and with butchers and I feel that I would rather have no meat than by from there. But everyone has different tastes and expectations. This butcher does not meet mine.

Posted by:
Susan N, 27 Oct 2011

Also, if you are buying whole, it maybe fresher than individual slices (which is what I bought to try them out).

Posted by:
Ali Wil (not waste money), 27 Oct 2011

Thanks for replying. I'm sorry it has been bad for you. I have been chatting to my friend who uses them too. She hasn't ever had a problem and they were recommended to her as well. But she also buys bulk and it is all freshly cut up.

Maybe you're right and the difference in opinion is different expectations. At $4.99/kilo there has to be a lower expectation on the quality of meat, but there should never be a lower expectation on freshness. But they have passed on freshness for me and the better cuts of meats (e.g. t-bone and rib-eye) have been delicious and tender. I haven't had a problem and shall continue to use them.

All the best.

Posted by:
Ali Wil (not waste money), 31 Oct 2011

Just bought another hindquarter and I am still happy! The price for a hindquarter has gone up to $5.99/kg but this is still a great price in my opinion. It is still $4.99/kg for a side or a whole steer.

The meat was freshly cut for us. It was bright in colour and smelt like meat should smell, fresh. The fat has a yellow tinge but doesn't overtake the cut of meat. Yet to eat because I just got it today.

I still recommend it :)