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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Nishthra Beauty Care 2/35 Robinson Street, Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia

Being of Mediterranean descent, my monobrow and I are locked in an eternal battle. Brow shaping is expensive; the spa where I used to get it done charged $25.00 a pop! Given the cost, I try to do it myself, and only rock up to the salon when things get out of hand (one eyebrow perpetually raised, for instance!). I've been on the lookout for alternatives for a while, and came across an online message board, topic: threading (a type of hair removal practised in India). Nishthra's number was listed on the site. It's quite close to where I live, so I decided to give them a go. Rinku Hande owns the business, working out of her home. She's lovely, and could tell straightaway that I was new to threading and slightly apprehensive about the results. I needn't have worried. My brows have never looked better. None of the redness and irritation that comes with waxing, and best of all, the price is amazing at only $5.00 for both brows! Rinku also does full-face threading, leg and underarm waxing, facials and hair styling.

Her prices are amazing all the time, for every customer!

Contributed by: Nicole Graham, 21 May 2011

Posted by:
Smithlet, 31 Jan 2012

Hi Nicole, do you have a phone number so I can make enquiries? Thankyou