Local Savings

Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Westlakes Salvation Army 156 Bay Rd, New South Wales, Australia

The Westlakes Salvation Army hold a "Rummage Sale" at their premises at Bolton Point. I am a seasoned op-shopper, so I know a good second hand shop when I see one. This one I feel, is just brilliant. It almost exclusively sells clothes - some toys but no shoes or household items. I end up getting clothes for other people, as the price is just too good to go past. As with all these type of shops, you must wade through to find the gems, but I think it's worth it to take home Pumpkin Patch and Fred Bare for the kids, as well as Colorado, Jag, Soho and Tarocash for myself and my husband. It is staffed by volunteers, who are all very lovely and friendly. The shop is kept clean, most of the clothes are on hangers, so you don't have to keep bending down into bins to search through, and the turn over of stock is good, so you know you'll find an absolute bargain each time you go there.

The prices are too cheap - $1 for a white shopping bag filled as full as you can, or $5 for a large blue bag. It's not worth haggling with the volunteers at this price!! Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10am to 2pm. Whilst you are there, stay for a coffee or lunch at Cafe Nourish in the same complex. This is an iniatitive to train disadvantaged youth in catering, to give them a skill they can use for getting a job. Great prices here too, as the aim is training not profit.

Contributed by: Suzan F, 19 May 2011

Posted by:
Meegs, 28 Sep 2012

I made the 1 hour trip here twice after reading this, the first time it was closed for renovations, the second time well I was in for a big disappointment, honestly it was all rubbish, there were no bargains, no brands and most of the clothes should have been used as rags. Really disappointed