Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
GROW ORGANIC P.O. Box 88, Victoria, Australia, dimartinoandsons@bigpond.com

I buy all my manures, mushroom compost, pea straw from these suppliers. I saw the advertisement in the local paper, and found the cost to be under half of our local Mitre10 store. There is a mnimum 10 bag order, plus small delivery cost proved to be well worth while. The products are of excellent quality. They are also makers of olive oil, which is really great, and for my loyalty the Christmas before last I was rewarded with a bottle of their cabernet, which was well received. The wine sells for about $10.00 per bottle,the pinot noir being our favourite. They have cow, sheep and chicken manures (the last time I purchased the manures, the cost was $5,50 a bag) they also supply blood & bone, mushroom compost, potting mix, Euca Mulch and pea straw.

I found the couple who run this business to be most helpful, and ready to give good advice about applying the manure etc. The order is delivered to the door and in good condition. Their phone no is 59644846 or 0408101485

Contributed by: Maureen Sale, 16 May 2011