Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 3, Price: 4
Emerald Garden Nursery 77A Emerald-Monbulk Road, Emerald, Victoria, Australia

This is a local nursery run by a young couple who are friendly and so helpful. I find the quality and price of plants compares as well as Bunnings without the cost of petrol. There are few nurseries in our area partly due to the drought, so to me this a Godsend. I wanted to buy some tea herbs to help me cut caffiene, what wasn't in stock was gladly ordered for me. Whilst there, the young owner offered me some herbs for free, and vegetable seedlings which were about to be thrown out because of yellowing outer leaves. (As they only like to sell healthy looking plants they felt these plants were of no use.) I offered a small amount which was only accepted after my persistance, and I now have a vegie garden full of cauliflower, brocc, beetroot, spring onions , silverbeet all growing happily for $5.00. I feel it is important to support these local industries which not only save time and petrol cost, but the owners do look after you.

The nursery is open most days, is clean and well set out, which makes it a pleasure to wander around. The plants for quick sale are at the back of the nursery and well worth a look.

Contributed by: Maureen Sale, 15 May 2011