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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
TongLi Asian Supermarket Ground Floor, Westpoint Shopping Centre, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

Just compare the prices to Franklins which is right next door. They have 750ml bottles of Cooking Rice Wine for under $2, all sorts of spices, noodles, bulk bottles of soy sauce, oyster sauce, jars and tins of indian sauces (double the size and half the price of Franklins), Basmati rice 5kg for $6.50 in zippered bags, larger bags as well. They also have frozen goods, some fresh asian vegetables, and they are so helpful. The girl actually left the checkout to get me a packet of rice flakes because I mentioned that I could not find them. The store is also almost the same size as Franklins, which means they can stock an excellent variety in each section. They also have light weight trolleys which hold two baskets, one on the top and one on the bottom. Much more lightweight and definitely more manouvrable!

Bulk buying is best. I get the big bags of rice, plain flour, etc. And I buy the big bottles of sauces. The other day I picked up a packet of saffron for 69c!! I also keep an eye out for the specials. If I can't find something I ask the staff. They are so friendly and helpful.

Contributed by: Lesley Forster, 9 May 2011

Posted by:
Virginia Koffke, 30 Sep 2011

I agree about this shop, I found it the other week and the savings are great. I like miso soup and they do a great variety and at an excellent price compared to the big name supermarkets (if you can find it). Also they have a great range of tofu.

Posted by:
Ninny, 8 Jan 2012

They have another store in Burwood Plaza, Burwood NSW. It's hidden away on the mezzanine level where you walk down the ramp from the carpark.