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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 5
SPC Ardmona 197-205 Corio Street, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, www.ardmonafactorysales.com.au

I live approx 150km away from Shepparton, but even doing my maths considering my fuel costs and so on, I'm still way out in front with the load of food I purchased from Ardmona!

All the items I purchased were Aussie made, and most are well within their use by date. Do your homework first by checking out their website to check out their specials at that particular time.

For example I purchased:

12 snack packs of apple/banana/strawberry puree for $4.00

12 x LARGE (790g) tins of pears in juice for $7.50

24 small snack packs of pears/two fruits in passionfruit or tropical jelly for $5.00

12 x 425g cans of baked beans for $5.00 lot

Large jars Australian jams for $1.00 and $1.50

Pre-cooked rice pouches (ready to heat) from $1.00

35 Chupa Chups for $2.50

8 x packs of delicious 'VERI DELI' snack biscuits for $7.00

The list is endless, but they have a wide range of items, not just fruit. If you spend over $70 they also give you a 5% discount if you have an RACV card.

I have enough different varieties of fruit and meal bases in my pantry to last right over the winter months. I spent $112, but have calculated that even with fuel costs I have saved double to triple that compared to what I would pay elsewhere and on things I would normally buy anyway.

Check out the website frequently to see if it's worth a trip up there!

Check out the website frequently.

Contributed by: Birdsong, 4 May 2010

Posted by:
Frugality, 2 Jun 2010

There is also an SPC Factory outlet in Ballarat for those who live
closer. It also has fantastic items really cheap. Check it out!

Posted by:
gayle, 25 Jul 2010

i love this place too. make a day of the long jouney and had picnic
on the way. was well worth the drive, about 250k. bought for min of
2 months.

Posted by:
Curly Club, 31 Oct 2010

They also have a Ballarat outlet. It's called Shepparton Cannery Surplus,
65 Mair Street, Ballarat VIC 3350
(Under the Lincraft store).
Ph:03 5338 8615