Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Lane Cove Village Fruit Market 56 Burns Bay Rd, New South Wales, Australia

I love shopping at the Lane Cove Village Fruit Market (hidden underneath Coles supermarket) because I never spend more then $2/kg on fruit or vege. And since they are so cheap I don't feel guilty about buying very small amounts of organic produce for my youngest daughter who has recently started solids.

When my husband (and sole bread winner) lost his job the day before Easter weekend I actioned the austerity measures. The first thing I did after signing up to simple savings was to ditch our organic vege box and set a per kg price limit on fruit and vege to $6/kg- ie if it cost more then $6/kg, it stayed on the shelf. The Lane Cove Village Fruit Market allows has some great prices that help me stick to my $2pkg limit.

Contributed by: Char L, 3 May 2011