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Off Your Trolley New South Wales, Australia, www.offyourtrolley.com.au

Every month I read about the cost of living rising and rising. Family households are buckling under the pressure of rising utility bills and our wages dont seem to be keeping pace with these rises so we are forced to adapt and change our way of life and look at ways of saving money. Our second biggest cost, behind our mortgage is groceries. As we become more and more comfortable as a household purchasing online we thought we would try "Off Your Trolley". They claim to be Australia's first and only deals website dedicated to groceries. The product range is excellent and growing week by week. I can't help but feel very excited that this website can help our family save hundreds of dollars each and every month on our grocery bills. I wanted to make sure the business was sound so I emailed them and had a personable written response within two hours. I was amazed the CEO replied, and took the time to welcome me to the website. That's the sort of interaction so many websites are missing these days. The online shopping experience is amazingly simple - you buy some products in bulk, you stock up and save a fortune. It also saves you from the hassle of going to the supermarlet, trying to find a park, and queueing up for eternity to pay for your shopping and then getting it home again ... urrgh! These guys will deliver for a flat rate of $9!!

This is how the deal works, I've copied this from their website :

Most grocery products have a limited shelf life and there can often be a lot of stock leftover once the shelves of Coles and Woolworths have been filled. Sometimes supermarkets cancel orders at the last minute or delete a product unexpectedly. Sometimes packaging has to be updated or stock forecasts are just wrong, leaving warehouses full of product that doesn't have a home.In addition, most supermarket chains won't accept stock that's anywhere near it's before its use by date. Why? Well it's not because there is anything wrong with the product, it is just that it can take a very long time to travel from the manufacturer to the supermarket shelves and It could then sit on the shelf for weeks before it's purchased.

In all of these cases, this perfectly good stock is usually dumped ; it just seems like a big fat waste. But not anymore! Every week Off Your Trolley gets excess stock lists from companies that make the products you see in your supermarket. We pick out the most popular products, negotiate the best deals, and buy in bulk direct from the manufacturers so we can pass the hottest grocery deals on to you!

Contributed by: Justin H, 28 Apr 2011

Posted by:
Monalisa Urquhart, 4 May 2011

Awesome... Do you know if there is an equivalent in NZ??