Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Dalmore Cold Stores 1015 Manks Road, Dalmore, Victoria, Australia

This store is small but sells bulk frozen veggies and other assorted frozen goods. Some are brand name such as Edgell, McCain etc. There are also generic bags. I just picked up a 2.5kg bag of frozen chopped red and green capsicum (Edgell brand) for $5, amongst lots of other bulk goodies. They also sell lots of frozen seafood, pies, chips, wedges and desserts.

The other great thing is that they provide a little basket of toys and a small area for the kids to play. I take my 5 and 3 year old children, and they are happy to play while I peruse and shop.

I was told by another friend (who put me onto them), that this company supplies to NQR and other bulk stores, but they have a retail outlet. Very impressed with service and prices.You can pay by eftpos (cashcard and credit card) as well as cash. It's less than 10mins out of Cranbourne, and well worth it if you're stocking up!

They are only open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9:30am (unsure of closing time).

Just turn up. I don't think you'd get much better than the listed prices!

Contributed by: klarhet, 15 Apr 2011