Local Savings

Service: 3, Quality: 3, Price: 5
Ck Foodstores Shop 6/ 285-305 Centre Rd, Victoria, Australia

I drive ten minutes every week to get my fruit and vegies from CK Foodstores. Whenever I go to a local fruitshop I am shocked by the high prices compared to what I spend in CK foodstores because, other then the markets, it is the cheepest shop I know of in the inner city/south eastern suburbs. Here, the prices are very good and I get so much more for my money. They always have various discounted fruits and vegies by the cash regisiter which are great for cooking in bulk and making items such as apple sauce. Parking is always easy to find within the huge parking lot.

Contributed by: Rivka Cyrulnik, 3 Apr 2011