Local Savings

Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Farmer Jack's Summerfield S/C, Shop 1, Wade Street, Girrawheen, Western Australia, Australia

Originally starting off as a small fruit and vegie shop with some basic Asian groceries in the same shopping centre, this shop was so well priced and was so popular they were able to move into the empty Action store and become a full supermarket!

The prices are fantastic, they always cheaper than the supermarkets. Some products can be tracked down cheaper elsewhere, but if you need to pop in quickly somewhere to grab something we go there as we know you won't need to get ripped off, and it's always the last stop of the fortnightly shopping trips if we can't find something at the markets or Spud Shed.

They also have a massive range of Asian groceries which I love as they are so cheap and can be used to make very low cost meals. They sell a few varieties of rice in bulk at a very low price and even containers to store it in! Their homewears section is very well priced and when we were setting up our house we got quite a few containers there to store bulk products in.

The store itself has not changed much from the old Action store that was there, which is part of the reason why it's so cheap. Some people in the area comment that the products are old or poor quality reasoning it's because the store looks old and dirty, but considering how popular they are, the evidence it pretty clear!

The layout can be a bit confusing too at times, but if you ask any of the staff members, they are more than happy to help.

The best things about Farmer Jack's is when they have specials as you cannot find the same products for a better price elsewhere! For example, we have bought branded ice cream for 99c a tub, cartons of long-life milk for 89c per a 2L carton, pasta for 59c a packet (a quality brand too!) and chicken pieces for $4 a kilo. They advertise some specials in the local paper, but it's best to pop in and see what's in there as all specials are not advertised.

Contributed by: The Smiths, 3 Apr 2011