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Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 5
All India Foods 31 Balaclava St, Springfield, Queensland, Australia, www.allindia.com.au/index.php

For lovers of spicy, complex Indian cusine, and of the Simple Savers way of life, All India Foods is like the Taj Mahal!

Located in the large commercial district of Balaclava Rd, Woolloongabba, the retail store is a huge cavernous space furnished with basic shelves and literally tons of Indian supplies. There is often Indian pop music playing, Indian families shopping and the owners chatting happily away - this is the real deal!

I go to All India to buy bulk spices at a fraction of the price Woolies, Coles and grocers charge. Last time I went I purchased bulk chilli, tumeric, cumin and coriander powder, pre-made blends of spices (like garam masala), big bags of coriander and black sesame seeds, a big box of incense, some pre-made paneer (I know, I should make it myself!), 1kg bags of a whole variety of dried legumes and peas all for around $35! As a vegetarian I eat Indian meals at least once a week, and often more, so this represents a great saving for me. You can also purchase tins of ghee - although some are so large I can't imagine any family getting through them (must be for the restaurants only!)

The staff are friendly but pretty much leave you to your own devices, which is fine by me - I like the freedom to wander around and inhale the beautiful spices while trying to figure out what the products are, and what to do with them!

The retail store is attached to an import business that also does wholesale trade.

As far as I know there is no secret to getting a great price - the shelves are laden with bulk, fresh foods (all packaged foods have a label showing the date packaged as well as the due by date) and they're at a fraction of the cost. All products are already labelled with a price.

Contributed by: Jess, 24 Mar 2011

Posted by:
Toni Goult, 17 Feb 2012

This is actually in Woolloongabba - I work across the road :)