Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Encore recycled Clothing Shop 9, 358 Barrenjoey Road, Causeway, New South Wales, Australia

This shop is amazing! It only stocks brand names but prices start at less than $10. All items are organised according to type and then size making it easy to find something instead of sifting through piles of jumbled stuff! They also stock accessories and a few quirky items. The ladies that work there are friendly locals and very helpful; they don't pester you but are there when you need them. I went in there looking for an item to wear on a night out. I found a silver dress that, after a further 20% off due to a sale, I paid only $14.40 for! All my friends thought the dress looked great and was a bargain! All items are in good condition; they have a strong policy of only accepting washed, ironed and 'on hanger' items. The store works on consignment by appointment only and only keep things in store for three months and add new stock every day! If you are looking for a new item for an event this is the place to go!

To get the best price it is best to purchase a few items and then get them to alter the price. Also end-of-season sales work well and it's store-wide!

Contributed by: Gina A, 17 Mar 2011