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Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
The Salisbury City Fruit Bowl 44 Old John Street, Long Point, South Australia, Australia

I have slashed my fruit and vegetable bill by half since shopping at this store. It is a no-frills store - it only has what is in season and while the variety is less than what you find in the supermarket, the prices are fantastic. Prices before the Queensland floods included bananas and apples for $0.79c/kg and tomatoes for $1.99/kg. The reason why they sell so cheaply? They buy what the major supermarkets reject. But while the quality may not be 'top notch' (i.e. marks on the fruit and veg) the taste is still the same and lasts just as long.

Shop there any day of the week! Their prices are just fantastic!

Contributed by: Renae M, 8 Mar 2011

Posted by:
Warpahead, 23 Apr 2011

I agree. If you are looking for bulk bags of onions (eg 10kg) I buy them there and then share with family and friends, last me ages.