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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Franklins Griffiths Rd,, Broadmeadow, New South Wales, Australia, www.franklins.com.au

Franklins in Broadmeadow is the best supermarket in Newcastle area because:

* I always get a park right at the door (no more than 5 metres from the cash registers!)

* I have never had to queue at the deli (actually - I don't think I have ever seen more than three other customers in the store!)

* The trolleys dont require a token/coin (and in fact I am often met by a happy employee keen to take my trolley back inside for me - or I walk the 3-5 metres and do it myself)

* With less than 10 staff employed there I am always greeted by a friendly and welcoming familiar face

* They have all I need in their six aisles (unlike many of the bigger supermarkets that have up to 14 aisles where I find I buy more (and spend more) than I need)

* It is located next to Stangers (a discount butcher) which sells bulk amounts of meat/chicken that I split with a neighbour.

* It is always really clean - especially the deli which is something I am fussy about

* They have much tastier and cheaper BBQ chickens than other supermarkets (less than $9 - and there are SOOO many yummy meals you can whip up in a flash if you have a good BBQ chicken on hand!)

I go to Franklins at Broadmeadow in Newcastle on either a Monday or Friday because that is when they have the best "mark-downs". I stock up on (and freeze if I need to) yoghurt/juice/cheeses/cream/dips/flavoured milk/regular milk/smallgoods which are "marked down" to half price once they have 5 remaining days until the "best before" date.

Other perishables like Latina pasta and pasta sauce are always significantly reduced too, and they have a great cart of slightly overripe fruit marked down considerably and perfect for banana cakes/ frozen for smoothies, and veges slightly past their prime and a great price for putting in casseroles/stews/soups.

I find they always have significantly reduced meat and chicken there for 40-50% off if it has a day or two until its 'best before ' date.

Overall - they are much more generous with their 'marking down' of perishable goods than any of the other supermarkets I've tried (Coles/Woolworths/Aldi/IGA/Bi-Lo).

Also - I read that the Franklins loyalty program was found to be the best value of all of the supermarket loyalty programs. Currently, if you have a loyalty card, you are entitled to an extra amount of advertised specials and this extra amount is significant when added up over a month ($28 just in a single month for our family of 4 this year!!)

Finally - any day you spend $5 or more they will offer you a free Sydney Morning Herald/Sun Herald newspaper. I go on Sundays, do two transactions, and drop the spare newspaper into my neighbour (who usually meets me at the door with something fresh from his garden!)

Contributed by: Mel Burgess, 6 Mar 2011

Posted by:
Bev, 6 Nov 2011

Thanks Mel. I have to shop today so will go and pay them a visit.