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Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Clear It Factory Outlet 188 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Clear It is the place to shop for heavily discounted clothes from hip designers. Here you can find brands such as Soup, Revival, Dangerfield, Pulp Kitchen, Princess Highway, Coo Ca Choo and Alannah Hill. Pick up an all-Australian frock for just a few dollars! Venture upstairs for some excellent bargains.

To get the best price, buy the beautiful perfect quality Alannah Hill fabric and make your own clothes out of it. You can find some really simple patterns online (most of her stuff isn't too complicated) and save yourself literally hundreds of dollars per piece, look fantastic, and be very proud of yourself too!

Contributed by: Rachy Bee, 3 May 2010

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I find this place overwhelming and too exy! Especially the price point on the Alannah Hill clothes, considering it is so full of stuff it seems ridiculous it isn't cheaper to clear some of the stuff out!