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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Wally's World Of Discounts Shop 6, Erina Plaza 210 The Entrance Rd, Erina, New South Wales, Australia

I love this shop as I save so much money every time I shop there. The biggest savings are on grocery items. Some of the items may be reaching their expiry date or just gone past it. Examples of savings are - Masterfoods Caesar Salad dressing (2.2kgs) for just $2.95. Packets of pasta for 95c and buy one get one free. They sell all kinds of products including a great range of dried herbs and spices which are locally made. The containers are much cheaper than what you buy in the supermarkets. When I was moving house, my friend could not believe how many large catering containers I had in my cupboards - she thought I was nuts! But I honestly save so much money on regular grocery shopping because of the way I am able to buy at Wally's World. They also sell a variety of products which you would find in regular discounted stores, but I definitely think the biggest saving is in their grocery line.

I will often ask if they will give me a discount for buying a box instead of a single item. Examples are chips and packet noodles. Also I have mentioned to them about my back being sore and they always help carry my groceries out to the car if I buy a lot (they will do that anyway). Talk about great service! Everyone is really friendly in the store and because their prices are so cheap, there is no need to barter them down. It is always good to go to the store when they have just had a delivery and are putting the goods out on the shelves but there is no particular day.

Contributed by: Janette Ghisoni, 3 Mar 2011

Posted by:
Patricia, 31 Mar 2011

Yes, I try to go there once a month. two pack 1ply toilet paper is so cheap. And lots of drinks and lollies too. I like it how they put the damaged and short dated stock in a certain area, so you know what you are buying. Thanks for the tip.

Posted by:
Joyce Barnier, 13 Feb 2013

Went there last week and will definitely go again. Thanks

Posted by:
Beth W, 15 May 2013

I love this shop too! I did have to stop buying the cheap chocolates. I realized I wouldn't buy them at the normal supermarket, so the savings were being used up buying treats (not good for the waist line either). I like the front of the shop too. I've started buying a few stocking fillers for Xmas. Actually its possible this store could provide all my Xmas presents this year.

Posted by:
Evelyn Wall, 17 Mar 2016

Sorry to say that Wally's World has moved and I am not sure where it has moved to!! Some say its further up the road towards the station but alas I have not found it yet!!