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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Colorado DFO Moorabbin Cnr Centre Dandenong Rd and Grange Rd, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia

DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) Moorabbin claim to have 100 Big Brands with up to 70% off. My shopping experience last weekend confirms this.

I was sauntering around actually looking for a pair of Globe shoes for a male relative. I found what I wanted within 10 mins for $79 which was $60 less than the RRP of $139.

We must have still be in shoe mode when we came across Colorado. This brand is well known to us and we do buy most of our shoes from Colorado but in the normal retail stores. At the back of my mind I had been looking for two types of shoes which I was going to try to get online to save money, but because I have 'tricky' feet, I didn't actually order.

The selection at Colorado was huge and they were already discounted PLUS another 30% off the discounted price. Here I picked up a cute pr of walking shoes with all those adjustable little straps to make your fit perfect (exactly what I was after online) $109 down to $34.48 saving $74.52. Also I could not go past a nice pr of ballet flats made of black leather with some fancy cutouts $109 down to $34.97 also saving $74. Just perfect for autumn with my 7/8th pants or leggings.

My DH found some good quality shorts. One at $13.97 down from $60 and a high end pair for $34.97 down from $89.

Our total bill was $118.39. We made a massive saving and it also saved me the headache of buying shoes online and the uncertaintly that comes with that (i.e. are they actually comfortable? Remember my tricky feet?) I got to try before I bought.

I was very happy with my items as they were exactly what I had been looking for at great savings. Don't go to the regular store. Try DFO. I recommend this Hidden Gem store.

Service was basically self service, although the staff did come to see how you were going from time to time. Everything was there though and the staff were quite friendly. There was no special time, alth weekend. We must have been there at the end of the season,so there was the extra 30% off an already heavily discounted product.

Contributed by: Keeping Fit & Healthy, 2 Mar 2011