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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
ZK Golden Sydney Auto Service Centre 54 Ross Street, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

I discovered these people by accident when having trouble with my car and unable to get to 'my' mechanic. I thought it would be expensive to have fixed but the man fixed it on the spot and refused payment! 'Just a little thing. No problem. Enjoy your day'.

They have been my mechanics ever since and never try to cheat me despite me having no clue about cars. I have found them to be much cheaper than other places.

I fortunately have the advantage of a sister who works for a mechanic so can get rough diagnoses and cost estimates. The man at ZK Auto always tells me the same thing and comes in at, or below, the same price I have been told - and he doesn't know I know this!

I LOVE them for their decency. It is hard to know whether you are being ripped off with something you know nothing about and I feel confident with them.

Contributed by: Lorax, 15 Feb 2011

Posted by:
FM, 10 May 2011

Hi Lorax, I think they are in Parramatta not Lindfield because I googled them as I was thinking it would be worth the drive from the Central Coast to Lindfield on the few occasions I need a mechanic and was disappointed to find they weren't there, thanks anyway :-)

Posted by:
Lorax, 20 May 2011

They are in Parramatta. I emailed staff to get it changed when I first posted as their postcode generation is wonky. Must email again.

Posted by:
Lorax, 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for correcting this.