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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Asadal Restaurant Phillip Street, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

This is a Korean /Japanese restaurant that has the best sushi I have ever eaten in my life. The other food is supposedly good but I always get the sushi so cannot personally comment!

The sushi is made fresh in front of you (as in if you have cooked chicken in yours, they cook the chicken there and then; the only pre-prepared stuff is the rice) and is AMAZING.

The owners and staff are fabulous. I got my hubby to pick up some takeaway for my birthday and when they found out that it was my birthday they made me a 'sushi cake' with all different types and flavours of rice and decorated with smoked salmon roses.

They also treat our kids like princesses, which is very important to me when choosing a restaurant.

Just eat there! The food is extremely reasonably priced. Although they do sometimes have an 'All Sushi $3' deal of a day time.

Contributed by: Lorax, 15 Feb 2011

Posted by:
Lorax, 20 May 2011

For some reason this comes up as in Lindfield....it is not. It's in Parramatta...will email staff again.

Posted by:
Lorax, 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for correcting the suburb ;-)