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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 4
House of Nappies Amata, Victoria, Australia, www.houseofnappies.com.au

Premium quality disposable nappies and wipes. Snookums brand. New to Australia. Haven't seen it sold in shops yet. You can order online from the website. Free delivery for Queensland area. They have a few stockists. Prices are quite cheap and competitive. Nappies come in four different sizes (newborn to extra large). Prices range from $27.50 to $36.00 for a box of 100. You can also ask for samples. Wipes come in two sizes, e.g. a pack of 80 for $2.50.

Register on the website for specials. Also if you are in the Northern Suburbs, Melbourne, give them a call on 0403221283/99421509 as they offer even more discount on the listed price.

Contributed by: Bargain Hunter, 13 Jan 2011