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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Good Luck Shops - Fruit & Veg, Butcher, Seafood, B 19 First Ave, Middle Cove, New South Wales, Australia

This small group of shops is a block back from Blacktown train station, near to Blacktown RSL.

On the ground level there is a seafood shop, butcher, fruit and vegie market, bakery and supermarket - produce is super fresh and prices are super low!

I haven't ever been upstairs, but there's a hairdresser and restaurant, which I would assume are both reasonably priced too.

The seafood shop is my latest love - they sell fresh salmon "offcuts" (i.e. from filleting) for $2 (for almost a kilo) SO CHEAP! They sell whole FRESH fish, with beautiful clear eyes (the best freshness test) for low prices - I bought 500g of green prawns, salmon offcuts and a whole snapper for under $25 last week!

The butcher, too is very cheap and very fresh - I highly recommend their chicken. You may need to do some "trimming" (fat) but the meat is good quality.

Everything is usually open past 5pm, although I'm not exactly sure how late...

I LOVE these guys :)

At the seafood shop, they will gut your fish for free! They usually offer, but if not, then just ask :)

The Asian Supermarket sells in bulk - we regularly buy boxes of Asian brand name instant noodles (e.g. Mi-Goreng) so that packets work out to under 50c each (about 40c from memory). They also have rice, catering supplies, sauces, drinks and LOTS more available to purchase in bulk.

Contributed by: Goosey, 13 Aug 2010

this is not in middle cove.
the address is 17-21 first avenue. on the corner of prince street.

they have bought out the lazer wars old building and extended into it.

great for asian foods. corriander shallots and ginger garlic are less than half the price of supermarkets.