Local Savings

Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Foodland, Thebarton George St, Thebarton, South Australia, Australia

Thebarton Foodland is one of the smaller Foodland stores . It has limited parking but the friendly service of the employees more than makes up for any inconvenience experienced!

The bulk meat specials at this store are amazing. They regularly sell whole porterhouse steak at $5.99 per kilo and whole rump at $5.99 per kilo. They will slice the meat for you for free. Chicken wings are usually under $2 per kilo, and chicken leg fillets (leg and thigh in one) are about $5.99 a kilo.

I live about 10km away and even though this distance regularly takes well over 30 minutes due to neverending roadworks, it is still worthwhile, as I buy in bulk and package and freeze three weeks' worth of meat at a time. For our family of seven carnivores, including three teenagers, this is a real hidden gem!

Check the local Messenger newspapers on line for free - they seem to advertise in a different edition each week.

Otherwise phone the store and they will give you a run down on meat prices.

Be prepared to wait up to 30 mins to have your beef sliced, the butcher is often quite busy.

Contributed by: Anne Smith, 27 Jun 2010