Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Countrywide Food Market Formby Road, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia

Countrywide Food Market sells a large range of seafood, frozen meals, vegetables, chips and berries, as well as catering size tinned foods, sauces, condiments and bakery supplies.

They also stock party food, finger food and bulk catering supplies; for example, jelly mix, toppings, spices, Cadbury choc buttons, cheese, butter, frozen ducks and chickens. Canteen supplies include frozen pies, mini pizza, mini lasagne, dim sims to name a few. Catering size frozen cheesecakes and cakes include Sara Lee Brand and at Christmas they bring in products such as plum puddings, pavlova shells, frozen turkeys and hams.

There is also an outlet in Camdale on Bass Hwy. They also have at least one outlet in Melbourne and possible in other areas too. Google them and find out if they are in your city.

Open Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings in Devonport. Stock up and save!

Look for the on sale items. Sales are usually advertised in The Advocate, or letterbox flyers.

Contributed by: Joanne, 11 Jun 2010