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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 4
Spud Shed Mandurah 566 Pinjarra Road, Barragup, Western Australia, Australia

The Spud Shed has been in the Mandurah area for quite a few years now. It started off in a large, shed-like building, selling mainly fruit and vegetables. The interior has changed many times and is now a very large open-plan airconditioned shed with six or eight checkouts and a very large carpark with lots of shopping trolleys for your convenience. The Spud Shed has a large variety of fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, bread, nuts, dried fruit, lollies, soft drinks, frozen vegetables, frozen fish and just about anything you would need in the way of dry goods.

The fresh food is well priced, but I find that some of the packaged groceries are a bit costly, but then they don't have the buying power of the larger supermarkets. However, if you need a particular food item, you will more than likely find it at the Spud Shed and they are open 7 days per week from 7.00am to 9.00pm.

A great place to shop and save money.

2L Milk $1.99, Bread 99 cents loaf Eggs $2.99 doz or 2 Doz for $4

10 kg Bag Potatoes $3.99 or 99 cents kg Carrots 79 cents kg Onions 50cents or 99 cents kg

Apples from around $1.25kg Bananas $1.49kg Broccoli 2 for $1.00 lettuce 69 cents ea

Bulk meat such as Whole Rump for around $7kg or all other meats and chicken sliced and packed.

Contributed by: Margaret G, 7 Jun 2010

Posted by:
Naida, 18 Jul 2010

Hi I went there today for the first time. Great prices on the
basics and it was very busy. Unfortunately I live an hour away so
can't be a regular.

Posted by:
Takin' life easy :), 7 Nov 2010

I love the Spud Shed, live airly close to it & get heaps of bargains, especially meat. Ribeyse steak is our fav from there. Tasty, & good price - round $9.90 kg. Yes & other goods as mentioned above.

Posted by:
Ozbev, 13 Jun 2011

There are other Spud Sheds now. There is one at the Wanneroo Farmers Market, there is another at Karel Ave, Jandakot, and at Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah... so really south, north and south east is pretty much covered and they really are value for money... Not sure about the others but Baldivis usually has discounts for pensioners too I think. Ask before you go because that was a while ago, but the owner at Baldivis really tries to keep prices down.

Posted by:
Paulette Kossiedowski, 27 Aug 2011

The new spud shed in Jandakot is open 24 hours a day every day. great

Posted by:
Paulette Kossiedowski, 27 Aug 2011

also discount for pensioners and seniors on tuesdays