Save money, wine and your waistline with winesave!
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Save your wine for another time knowing it will taste just as good.

  • Seals wine with a layer of gas so it doesn't oxidise
  • Never waste wine again by throwing it out the next day
  • Drink responsibly as you don't feel you have to finish the bottle.

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Winesave was number 3 in our list of the best and simplest money saving products in Australia. Click here to read the full list.

Are you supersizing your wine?

Just because you buy a whole bottle doesn't mean you have to drink it all! On the whole, as a nation, we drink too much. We purchase our wine in large bottles and drink it until it's gone, rather than stick to the standard daily recommendation. Drinking the whole bottle is not good for your health or your wallet. But, with winesave all that can change!

winesave means no more wasted wine!

Thanks to this fantastic Australian invention, you no longer have to worry about your wine going off. All it takes is a single squirt into your opened bottle and your wine will taste just as good as the day you opened it.  You can drink it up to two weeks later and depending on the wine, often longer. Just use winesave and store bottles upright in a cool place.

Now you CAN drink in moderation.

This means you CAN have just one or two glasses and then stop, without feeling guilty about wasting money or wine. winesave is used in some of Sydney's top restaurants. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for the rest of us!

But - I never have any leftover wine!

Really?  Never, EVER?  Don't you ever have a party or get-together and find half a bottle left over the next day? At best that wine gets relegated to the kitchen cupboard as cooking wine but the most common scenario is that it gets tipped down the sink. That's a huge shame! Aside from the money you spent on that wine, the maker of that wine put a lot of effort into growing the grapes, picking them and nurturing the barrel, before finally bottling it. All that time and labour spent so that you could simply throw it out?  Those wine makers want you to enjoy the wine as it was meant to be drunk - and with winesave it will still taste great, four days, six days and up to two weeks later (and often longer depending on the wine).

OK, I get it.  So how does it work?

winesave is made from 100% pure food quality argon gas, which puts a 'seal' over your wine and stops any oxygen getting in and deteriorating it. It will preserve your half-full bottles of wine so you can enjoy every dollar you have spent. With enough gas to treat 50 bottles of wine in each canister, it really is an economical investment. Here is a video demonstration from the makers of winesave in case you would rather watch it than read about it.

winesave will change the way you drink.

There will be no more accidental hangovers... you know the ones that happen when you just wanted one glass of wine after a long day at work but end up drinking a whole bottle because you don't want it ruined and end up feeling like camel dung in the morning? You are not the only one; many of us do it, especially singles.

When it comes to buying wine, singles get the raw end of the deal.

They often feel forced to drink horrible wine because decent wine doesn't come in small bottles. With winesave, however, you can get better value for money by being able to buy a bigger bottle of whatever wine you like and making it last more than a day or two. It gives you more freedom.

Now you can drink what you like, when you like!

How often have you drunk unpleasant wine just because someone else was drinking it and it made sense to only open one bottle? With winesave you no longer need to do that. You can have five bottles open at the same time if you like or have the fanciest dinner party around and none of it will get wasted.

This is really handy for couples, especially if you both like to drink different wines. For example, he likes red but she likes white, you can open two bottles, have one or two glasses each, then save the rest for another time. Or, if he likes beer and she likes wine. Now you can both drink your favourite tipple without waste or guilt.

Enjoy drinking the very best wine – every time.

winesave is ideal for people who like to drink really good wine but only like to enjoy one or two glasses. If you're only going to have one glass, at least you can now enjoy a really special glass every time. With winesave, you don't ever have to suffer drinking dodgy tasting wine again.

It is great for parents who want to be social, yet sober.

Let's be honest, when you're a parent you're not supposed to get plastered. Or be hungover! With winesave you can have one glass to be social and then STOP! Save the rest for another day, or week or two weeks. winesave lets you have one drink without wasting a whole bottle, making it easy to stay in control and be a responsible parent.

If you don't want to drink tonight, you don't have to!

Often people will drink on nights they don't even really feel like it, just because their wine has been sitting in the fridge for a day or two and they don't want to waste it. With winesave, however, that pressure is gone. You can drink it when you like on your own terms because that wine will taste just as good in two week's time as it did when you sealed it.

We have been testing this for ages.

Fiona and Matt have spent the last two years testing winesave (an experiment they found most enjoyable) and cannot fault it. winesave does exactly what it says it will do. Before someone sent Fiona a bottle of winesave to test she had six bottles of cooking wine in the cupboard from when they had had one or two glasses and didn't get back to drinking the rest in time. But no more! 

But don't just take our word for it! Here's what the experts have to say:

The biggest consumers of winesave are connoisseurs and restaurants. Check out some of their feedback:

“I opened a bottle of Hunter Shiraz to taste in late November and immediately closed with winesave®. Just opened it to have a look (2.5 months later) and the wine is as fresh as a daisy.”

Ben Edwards, President, Sommeliers Australia, Consultant sommelier, Editor, The Wine Guide

“After trying winesave once I have been totally converted. It is great to have an affordable home winesave® device that actually works and keeps the wine for a good length of time. I'm sure will be a must have for every wine lover.”

Dawn Davies, Head Sommelier, Selfridges UK

“I'm happy to open a really good bottle if I feel like a glass or two when otherwise I probably wouldn't through fear of not wanting to waste the remainder.” 

Stephen James, Manager-Winemaking and Viticulture, Voyager Estate

"I reckon I've mentioned this in a past email, but I've been having such a good time with the gadget that I figured it was worth another plug. Being, at best, a half-bottle over dinner chap I'm traditionally quite cautious about what bottles I open (particularly on a school night). And while I maintain a healthy skepticism about most wine gadgets, I'm happy to admit the merit in this one. It keeps most bottles looking fresh and drinkable for well past a week. The wines certainly change somewhat – just as they do in the glass – but they maintain their vitality. I guess the wine-adventurous could have several bottles on the go at once … a sort of at-home-wine-bar!" 

Tony Harper, The Wine Emporium Weekly Newsletter, Australia.

“We have been using winesave® for a few months now and think it is great.” 

Mark Best, Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide's 2010 Chef of the Year Three-hatted Marque Restaurant

Just in case...

You are reading this and thinking 'How silly! Why would anyone want to save wine for later? My wine never gets wasted, I always drink the whole bottle before it has a chance to turn!', dare we say the chances are you are drinking too much? It is time to reduce the amount you drink and winesave can help you do that.

winesave doesn't just save your wine.

It will also save you money, your waistline and a heck of a lot of Panadol.

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