Eezee Freezee Ice-blocks
Eezee Freezee ice-block makers are a fun way to save!
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Save money with easy, drip-free home-made iceblocks

  • Easy to freeze!
  • Easy to use!
  • Easy to eat!
  • So easy to make a three-year old could do it!

Watch three-year old Tristan make his own Eezee Freezee iceblocks below!

Eezee Freezee Ice-block makers are back in stock!

Great news!  The Eezee Freezee ice block moulds are back in stock! We apologise sincerely for the delay. Rather than simply buying more of the same, we took the opportunity to improve them.

The new moulds are made from 100% high quality food grade silicone, meaning they are more flexible and will last longer. Now it will be even easier to get your ice blocks out of their mould – but wait – there's more! They also now come in a range of new super tasty colours! Here is a photo:

Eezee freezee ice-block makers

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If you would like a set of ice-block makers, we are selling them in sets of four - one green, one orange, one blue and one fuschia.

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These Eezee Freezee ice-block makers were number 4 in our list of the best and simplest money saving products in Australia. Click here to read the full list.

Tristan with all the equipment and ingredients to make ice blocks

No more frozen failures!

Making ice-blocks with your children is supposed to be one of those simple, fun activities we're supposed to cherish as parents. But – dare we say – is it really fun? And is it really simple? Think about your average ice-block mould. You pour the liquid in, it overflows and sloshes all over the place, particularly when you're trying to make your way precariously from the bench to the freezer. Inconvenient? Yes. Messy? Indeed. But that's all part of the process. Putting the liquid IN is the easy part. It's getting your ice-blocks OUT which is the greatest challenge. All those hours, our little cherubs wait excitedly for their frozen treats, only to find when the magic moment arrives that no amount of wiggling and rinsing the mould under the tap is going to get those suckers out.

The secret to the perfect home made ice-blocks.

Making your own ice-blocks is a great way to save money, but virtually all the moulds available are so useless that everyone gives up and pays through the nose for ones from the store instead.

We have tried a number of different moulds but they all had similar problems, they were poorly designed. They were either too tall to fit in the freezer, too stiff so you can't get the ice-blocks out, took up masses of room in the freezer or were too hard to make, stupidly messy and/or were ridiculously priced. Then Fiona found the perfect ice-block mould and from it she devised a system for perfect home-made ice-blocks which her family have been using ever since. It is a great system! Easy to use, easy to freeze, easy to eat and easy to clean. Everything a parent could want.

You will need a packet of jelly crystals, a baking tray, a fork, a teapot and a very cute child.

Master Tristan will now demonstrate.


250ml hot water

$0.39c packet of jelly crystals

250ml cold water


The first step is to put the ice-block moulds on their tray and put all the sticks in the moulds.


Inserting sticks into ice block moulds

Try not to get too distracted by all the cool things you can do with sticks that have holes in the ends while Mummy pours the hot water into the teapot.

Discovering holes in the sticks

The teapot now has 250ml of hot water in it. Time for Tristan to add the jelly crystals!

Opening packet of jelly


And practice his scissor skills with the really sharp kitchen scissors. Cool!


Using the kitchen scissors


Pour the jelly crystals into the teapot.


pouring jelly crystals into the teapot

Pick up any spilled jelly crystals with your fingers.

picking up jelly crstals with fingers


Clean fingers...


licking fingers


Then concentrate really hard and...




Make sure you have cleaned up every last crystal.


every last crystal


Tasty :-) Now back to work. Use your fork to stir the jelly crystals.


Stiring jelly into teapot


Watch in fascination as the jelly crystals swirl around while they dissolve.




When the crystals are dissolved, pour in your cold water.


pouring the cold water in


Pause and look up with those enormous eyes.


Tristan's enormous eyes


(Sorry, where was I?)

Touch the teapot and look really puzzled when you discover, "It's not hot! It's not hot!"


It is not hot


Then stir the jelly some more.


having fun stirring the jelly


Next, on to the best bit. Pouring the jelly into the ice-block moulds.


pouring jelly into moulds


Nearly done. :-)


Nearly done




Two thumbs up

The only thing left to do is to eat those yummy ice-blocks!

I have been trying to find the right words to explain how easy it is to get the ice-blocks out of the Eezee Freezee ice-block moulds and decided that it is easier to show you. So I have pulled out my trusty camera and enlisted Master Tristan (now 5) and his little sister Elora (2) to help out.

This is how you remove the ice-blocks from the moulds.

Start by peeling the silicon from the ice-blocks.

Removing Eezee Freezee ice-blocks from moulds

Then keep going till...

Removing Eezee Freezee ice-blocks from moulds

you can pull it out.

Removing Eezee Freezee ice-blocks from moulds

YAH! We have an ice-block!

Eezee Freezee Iceblock

Now, Tristan can savour the sweet taste of success!

Removing Eezee Freezee ice-blocks from moulds


Tristan's little sister Elora watched him remove the ice-blocks from the moulds and wanted to give it a go herself.

Removing Eezee Freezee ice-blocks from moulds

Yeh! Success!

Elora eating her ice-block

Notice how, with these sticks, even though she has been eating it for ages it is still staying on the stick. This is because the sticks are long, the ice-blocks are narrow and they are made from a packet of jelly. This also means the ice-block doesn't melt and run down little hands and arms - less cleaning up for Mum!

Ice-block still on the stick

SHE IS SO CUTE! And the ice-block is still hanging on. Most ice-blocks would have fallen off the stick and the child would be crying by this stage.

Elora eating an ice-block

Sometimes, when kids eat ice-blocks strange things do happen and even these ice-blocks are not 100% immune from falling off the stick. So I wanted to show you what happens to these ice-blocks when they are dropped on the ground.

This ice-block had already been out of the freezer for 20 minutes when I put it on the ground.


Eezee Freezee Iceblock's melting

30 minutes out of the freezer. 10 minutes on the ground.

Melting ice-block

50 minutes out of the freezer. 30 minutes on the ground.

Melting jelly ice-block

Around three hours later.

Melting jelly ice-block with ants

Even though it has been there long enough for the ants to move in it hasn't left a massive gooey trail. Imagine the mess any other ice-block would have made.

If you want your own set of Eezee Freezee Ice-block makers...

Eezee freezee ice-block makers

If you would like a set of these ice-block makers for yourself, we are selling them in sets of four - one green, one orange, one blue and one fuschia.

If you would like to see these moulds in detail. Click here.

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