Save-O-Meter - Total saved: $42,966,475

The "Save-O-Meter" is here so we can all enter our individual results and combine them. It is exciting!! As the total climbs we will all be able to say, "Look at that number. I had a part in that. I made a difference!"

How much money have we saved together? Enter your saving successes below to add them to the total.

First look at the habits you have changed since joining SS. What were some of the bad things you used to do that wasted a lot of money? Pick up a pen and notebook and start by writing a list of some of these bad habits that you used to do and no longer do since discovering Simple Savings. Then work out the things you are now doing instead. What is the new habit you have replaced it with?

Eg: Stopping buying processed food at the supermarket and making food from scratch.

Once you have gone through and written down the things you used to do before Simple Savings then go and try and figure out how much you used to spend per week on each of these items and how much you are now spending. When you have worked out a dollar value for all these things. Enter them by clicking 'Add Yours' below.

New Habits

Old Habit Amount New Habit Amount Frequency Saving
Daily spend per day $40 Reduce to $35.00 $35 weekly since Oct 2014 $13
satellite phone plan $60 plan has expired lower plan $23 monthly since Sep 2014 $39
foxtel subscription $84 cancelled foxtel -- monthly since Sep 2014 $93
Impulsive food spending $350 Controlled Spending $150 weekly since Sep 2014 $1,141
Daily Cappucinno $20 Cuppa tea $2 weekly since Sep 2014 $111
buy toast $15 toast at home $1 weekly since Aug 2014 $152
Purchases + fun stuff $1,050 Reduce costs $1,000 monthly since Jul 2014 $136
Store Bought Muffins $10 Make my Own $2 weekly since Jun 2014 $140
Take-Away Friday nights $30 Eating at Home $10 weekly since Jun 2014 $350
Teabags $7 Tealeaves $3 weekly since Jun 2014 $72
Account management fee $4 negotiated no management fee with bank -- monthly since Jun 2014 $17
Lunch on Saturday $20 Stay home $2 weekly since Jun 2014 $350
New Clothes $100 Second Hand Clothes $15 monthly since May 2014 $406
Disposable Nappies $30 Cloth Nappies $6 weekly since May 2014 $496
Old Health Insurance $142 Reviewed to reduce premium $119 monthly since May 2014 $114
Foxtel Pay TV $74 Watch free to air -- monthly since Apr 2014 $429
Expensive shampoo and conditioner $40 cheap brand $3 monthly since Apr 2014 $219

One-off Savings

Description Saving
script from chemist King $9 chemmart $19 $10
Second Hand Lounges instead of new ones $2,000
Shopped Around for insurance $2,100
I just saved myself $3 for a scrapbook that my child needs for Kindy. I found some unused pages in old scrapbooks, I cut them out punched some holes up the side and weaved some string and tied it. Not only did I save $3 for the book, I saved fuel, and I did my bit for the environment! $3
0 --
Cut kiddo's hair myself $15
Shaped own eyebrows $10
Discount on S/card $5
No take away/meals at restuarants for the whole of July! $210
homemade kebabs, meat on special for $5.99 $19
Planned buying lunch instead the school provided $12
Saved $30 by massage therapist not returning my call $30
Ordered books at library; saved $50 by not buying them $50
Overcharged for cauliflower, so received it for free due to pricing policy $1
Sold Kindle on SS Classifieds $50
Marked down meat and milk $32
Bartering a haircut for sewing $50
Trimmed daughter's hair at home! $13
First month free on new Health insurance $119
By sticking to the shopping list, living only off what is in the house. Need to pay off debt & save for holiday! $158
macadamia oil instead of L'oreal $50
Picnic instead of meal out $70
Neutrogena hand cream samples x3 - Pinch Me (1/4/14) $1
Amazon - Spider Metrix(7/4/14) $30
WDYT (17/4/14) $20
Snapfish 50 free photos (18/1/14) $10
WDYT (16/1/14) $20
Snapfish collage Calendar (15/1/14) $10
Coles disc (19/4/14) $7
Bunnings card - Valued Opinions (17/4/14) $20
4 x Lipton tea samples (15/4/14) $1
Coles disc (13/4/14) $12
Lego movie with SPED (9/4/14) $15