Save-O-Meter - Total saved: $44,980,802

The "Save-O-Meter" is here so we can all enter our individual results and combine them. It is exciting!! As the total climbs we will all be able to say, "Look at that number. I had a part in that. I made a difference!"

How much money have we saved together? Enter your saving successes below to add them to the total.

First look at the habits you have changed since joining SS. What were some of the bad things you used to do that wasted a lot of money? Pick up a pen and notebook and start by writing a list of some of these bad habits that you used to do and no longer do since discovering Simple Savings. Then work out the things you are now doing instead. What is the new habit you have replaced it with?

Eg: Stopping buying processed food at the supermarket and making food from scratch.

Once you have gone through and written down the things you used to do before Simple Savings then go and try and figure out how much you used to spend per week on each of these items and how much you are now spending. When you have worked out a dollar value for all these things. Enter them by clicking 'Add Yours' below.

New Habits

Old Habit Amount New Habit Amount Frequency Saving
RACT Roadside Cover $99 Inclusion with RACT Health Insurance -- yearly since Feb 2015 $0
Buying a coffee every day to work $20 peppermint tea bought from home $3 weekly since Jan 2015 $45
min monthly payment on House loan $3,579 paying extra $4,179 monthly since Dec 2014 $0
Optus $55/month mobile plan $55 Jeenee $25/month sim-only mobile no-contract plan with more calls and more data!! $25 monthly since Nov 2014 $72
Buying latte on way to work $5 New job - drive different way, no coffee shop to pass. -- weekly since Nov 2014 $48
Buying take away dinner once a week $10 Eating at home from existing food -- weekly since Nov 2014 $106
buying bread $5 making bread $2 weekly since Nov 2014 $32
Barber for 4 kids and husband $100 DIY $1 monthly since Nov 2014 $264
buying glass cleaner $40 making glass cleaner $19 yearly since Oct 2014 $5
Buying spray n wipe $108 Making own spray n wipe $17 yearly since Oct 2014 $23
Buying yoghurt $5 Making easiyo yoghurt $1 weekly since Oct 2014 $55
Previous Grocery Bill $300 Grocery Bill now after 3 months habit-changing work $150 weekly since Oct 2014 $2,144
Purchasing Herron Paracetamol Tabsules from supermarket $35 Purchasing chemists own brand paracetamol $5 yearly since Oct 2014 $8
Purchasing Lunch twice a week $15 Taking lunch from home $2 weekly since Oct 2014 $186
Daily spend per day $40 Reduce to $35.00 $35 weekly since Oct 2014 $87
satellite phone plan $60 plan has expired lower plan $23 monthly since Sep 2014 $165
foxtel subscription $84 cancelled foxtel -- monthly since Sep 2014 $377
Impulsive food spending $350 Controlled Spending $150 weekly since Sep 2014 $4,067
Daily Cappucinno $20 Cuppa tea $2 weekly since Sep 2014 $374

One-off Savings

Description Saving
PP Surveys $25
In Op shop wallet I purchased $1
Used Kikki-K voucher (19/1/15) $10
Mums coles disc (18/1/15) $8
Used Oxfam voucher (19/1/15) $5
Gift Cards from survey companies used towards groceries $60
SS tip. 2 x movie passes to see "What we did on our holidays"on 8/2. (17/1/15) $22
Olay products from Insiders Community to trial. Val $85. (14/1/15) $85
Coffee on special (12/1/15) $3
Used FB$ for groceries (9/1/15) $40
Liquorland-Kris disc (7/1/15) $1
Kmart - Kris disc (7/1/15) $2
bought appliance on sale $150
I looked at what food I had in the fridge, freezer and pantry and used what I had. Attempting the $21 challenge $100
$5 canvas bag at rivers, using $5 discount voucher $10
Redeemed points for PayPal credit, used it to put towards a Kiva loan $35
Used voucher from surveys to buy album from itunes $20
Used voucher from surveys towards cost of petrol $20
Reduction in electricity charges for year by watching usage $363
Switching home & contents insurance providers and not accepting the standard renewal paperwork that our old insurer sent out. All insurers do this; they put the price up when the time comes for renewal because they KNOW that most people can't be bothered or are too busy and forget to shop around for cheaper insurance. That's how they make their money back from offering the cheap insurance in the first year that you're with them! $1,554
Saved $446.12 on electricity bill by not using a/c & switching off unnecessary lights. We were heavy users of the a/c before but now I put the ceiling fans on and read our new digital weather station to check what temps really are inside and out. Sometimes we'd find that we were running the a/c when it was actually cooler outside if we'd only open the windows! $446
. --
Made curtains from a doona cover instead of bought new ones $60
I watched some how-to youtube videos, plucked up my courage and tinted and waxed my own eyebrows and eyelashes! Six months ago I paid $50 to get this done at a beauty salon. The huge tub of wax and the eyebrow dye cost $30 together but will last over a year. $46
Used QantasFF/WW Rewards points for Woolworths giftcard that I can use for Xmas groceries $100
Used flybuys points for Kmart giftcard that I can use for Xmas gifts $50
script from chemist King $9 chemmart $19 $10
Second Hand Lounges instead of new ones $2,000
Shopped Around for insurance $2,100
I just saved myself $3 for a scrapbook that my child needs for Kindy. I found some unused pages in old scrapbooks, I cut them out punched some holes up the side and weaved some string and tied it. Not only did I save $3 for the book, I saved fuel, and I did my bit for the environment! $3
0 --