Save-O-Meter - Total saved: $46,639,422

The "Save-O-Meter" is here so we can all enter our individual results and combine them. It is exciting!! As the total climbs we will all be able to say, "Look at that number. I had a part in that. I made a difference!"

How much money have we saved together? Enter your saving successes below to add them to the total.

First look at the habits you have changed since joining SS. What were some of the bad things you used to do that wasted a lot of money? Pick up a pen and notebook and start by writing a list of some of these bad habits that you used to do and no longer do since discovering Simple Savings. Then work out the things you are now doing instead. What is the new habit you have replaced it with?

Eg: Stopping buying processed food at the supermarket and making food from scratch.

Once you have gone through and written down the things you used to do before Simple Savings then go and try and figure out how much you used to spend per week on each of these items and how much you are now spending. When you have worked out a dollar value for all these things. Enter them by clicking 'Add Yours' below.

New Habits

Old Habit Amount New Habit Amount Frequency Saving
mb booster $35 removed booster $30 monthly since Apr 2015 $0
buying snacks for my 3y/o $50 making/ baking snacks with the 3y/o $15 weekly since Apr 2015 $60
Drive to work $10 Walk to work -- monthly since Apr 2015 $8
Catching the Train to Work $75 Driving to Work $50 weekly since Mar 2015 $109
Buy coffee each day at work $5 Make coffee at home with coffee machine $1 weekly since Mar 2015 $21
brought coffee every day at work $5 Make coffee at home with coffee machine $6,410 weekly since Mar 2015 $0
Cappuccino everyday $49 Cappuccino x4 $28 weekly since Mar 2015 $147
Going out $100 DVDs friends at home $30 weekly since Mar 2015 $491
Artisan bread $13 make sourdough $3 weekly since Mar 2015 $74
Petrol $30 ride bike sunny days $15 weekly since Mar 2015 $105
Haidresser $170 colour own hair $15 monthly since Mar 2015 $251
Pizza $25 make pizza $3 weekly since Mar 2015 $154
Grocery bill $300 reduced $180 weekly since Mar 2015 $841
Fresh milk $3 Packet milk $1 weekly since Mar 2015 $13
Saving coins -- saving coins $20 weekly since Mar 2015 $0
saving coins -- saving coins $60 monthly since Mar 2015 $0

One-off Savings

Description Saving
$21 Challenge $250
Won Stanley Rogers 3 pce cookware from That's Life (31/3/15) $299
Won Easter Egg in Dancing Raffle (30/3/15) $10
Free dog food (10th bag free from Pet2000) (29/3/15) $109
Free paper from PHS (27/3/15) $1
Telstra Div (27/3/15) $64
Free produce from PHS (27/3/15) $3
Free paper from PHS (26/3/15) $1
Share Div (25/3/15) $5
G/Card-Home to suit your life (16/3/15) $20
Fishpond profit (16/3/15) $15
Tabcorp Div (16/3/15) $42
Free Womens Weekly Magazine with Freebies at Centro $8
Discounted Carnivale Ticket because I have a VIP pass for the Gold Coast theme parks $10
Buying VIP Magic Pass ticket through RACQ $10
swapped internal laundry door for a lattice door in the garage and using that as my drying rack instead of using my clothes dryer. $120
doing online surveys and flybuy points $150
by recycling old pool noodles and turning them into under door draft stoppers. $50
by checking car insurances and switching companies $350
Trolley I returned that was not mine (14/3/15) $1
Coles/Myer G/C from Valued Opinions (13/3/15) $20
Eftpos card from Livertribe surveys (13/3/15) $100
Free pre dinner drink and starters at La Tratt (12/3/15) $15
Fishpond profit (10/3/15) $15
PP Surveys (10/3/15) $25
Flybuy $ (3/3/15) $10
Free choctop at the movies (3/3/15) $6
Prepaid Visa from Homescan (2/3/15) $50
surveys $60
surveys $60
Free produce from PHS (27/2/15) $1
E-voucher from Skin care hub (23/2/15) $20
Free produce from PHS (20/2/15) $1
Profit from Fishpond book sale (17/2/15) $9