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As most of you who have read my blogs know, our eldest daughter shunned us a few years ago and hasn't spoken to us since, for reasons unknown to us. For some time, when we return from holidays, I have had a feeling that someone had been in the house but couldn't put my finger on it and dismissed it as a silly notion.

Now to current events - a couple of weeks ago, our daughter approached my brother who lives in north Queensland asking him if he had copies of some specific photos of her as a child when we lived in that area. She named a couple of particular ones and then added that she would like some of her photos as she didn't have any at all.

He replied he didn't have any but that he would ask me - and I replied that of course she was welcome to have any copies of photos that I have (and there are plenty of them as she was our first born and also my parent's first grandchild). My only condition was that she ask me personally instead of asking him.

He replied that I should copy them on to a CD and post to him, then he would post to her - my answer was somewhat vehement and I told him that wouldn't happen, she had to approach me and not try to go through him. In my opinion she had no right to ask him or involve him.

Anyway, because she'd mentioned them, and I was happy to give her copies if she asked me, I pulled out my extensive photo albums. These albums are all kept in the one cupboard, all organised into an orderly sequence, that is oldest daughter first, then younger, then combined with their friends in the one album - a matching album, the identical kind, holds photos of my four grandchildren in order of their birth. Apart from photos in frames, this cupboard holds all the photos I own.

I opened the album containing the photos of the girls - and strangely some loose pages fell out. I then discovered there were pages missing, in fact nearly all the photos of our daughter when she was a baby and a toddler and in particular the specific photos she'd mentioned to my brother. I counted the pages in both albums - there are thirty in the one yet only twenty five in the other. didn't know what to think.

Over the course of a week, I have turned the house upside down knowing full well that there's nothing lurking in any cupboards as I go through them regularly and I don't have a lot of clutter. This morning I went through all the albums yet again, emptied out cupboards, drawers and everything else - no photos.

I am lucky enough that I had the forethought some years ago and scanned everything on to my laptop and the desktop computers, so I still have copies of those photos, just not hard copy. I counted them all and found there are about eighty photos that I know of missing, and there could be more. I also have a box of slides with these same photos albeit a bit aged by now.

However the dilemma remains - where are the missing photos? I don't want to think the worst but what else can I think? Has she taken them herself? Where else could they be? We are devastated to think of even the possibility that our daughter could do this - she only had to ask and they would be given gladly.

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I have already completed the Sydney and Paris Country threads kits.

Now I am doing London. I have already completed the letters NDON. I will reveal them at the end when I post a completed photo. This is a progress pic of the letter O after the L.


Simone M (VIC) - 26 May 2017
Not much new happening here in regard to no shopping, shopping or otherwise. More of the same. My husband is getting more work so that is great and we are on track with our new budget and plan to pay off the mortgage ASAP. We did buy a second hand couch - $600 - because ours fell off the back of the ute when we moved and we were therefore rendered couch less! We looked around and eventually found a great one on Gumtree in the next town from us that had only been used in a holiday house. Perfect. One small success I have had during May is with groceries - my budget is $100/ week but I have spent less than that. $295 for the month - I have been trying for years to get our groceries down to $300/month but could never quite manage it - could this be the turning point? Have I finally cracked it? I do not know but I sure hope so - I do my best to make everything from scratch, shop only every 10 days and buy only what we need. Living in a small country town with no shops helps - I used to live 5 minutes walk from a large shopping centre so would inevitably drop in for milk and come out with 6 other things I "needed"! Can't do that here so I have to be organised with my lists on shopping day and buy everything we need until my next trip. All up, money not spent in May was $1219. $6220 for the year so far.

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Been a bit bleugh lately, which hasn't done my budget any favours, or my waistline - chocolate, muffins, bikkies, pies! All doing their bit of damage to all sorts of things. My pocket money ($35 a week) is now about $180 in arrears! (Not all food, but a big chunk). I basically never manage to keep within my allowance, but last year I managed to keep it below $200, so I've got some work to do to claw it back.

Clawing back the waistline is another challenge. When I was BFing my son, I had to go on an elimination diet because he just kept getting terrible wind. I was eating rice and lamb for months (felt like it anyway). That was the closest I got to my goal weight, but mostly due to me being so sick of rice and lamb that I chose not to eat at all for preference some meals. Needless to say, not a healthy diet. I was doing okay with exercise and diet and stuff after that until I started back at work. Having a desk job doesn't help and also still having to do all the stuff around the home... exercise just got dropped off the bottom of the list.

As I've mentioned before, I do a bit of online study. One of the sites is Code Academy, where you can learn programming. I got an email from them about a guy who did one of the courses and created an app on the side...long story short, he now works for the company that bought his app. The app is an exercise one, and I just tried my first workout today. There are some free features, which are handy, but premium obviously opens up a whole new bunch of options. Basically, I chose the type of workout (beginner, legs), the duration (5 minutes) and hit go. You get video of a person performing the exercise, a countdown timer to the start of the exercise, then a countdown to finish, a warning about what exercise is next and so on. There is a set number of exercises for the workout, and they get slotted in to the selected time frame, with rest times as necessary (my five minute workout was 30s intervals, 5s previews of the next thing and one 30s break).

To start with, five minutes was plenty for me and even then, some of the exercises I had to modify slightly for my fitness (and noise) level. But I could do that five minutes a couple of times a day, and build from there. I assume that longer workouts will increase the duration of each set and add more rest breaks and probably do more sets of each exercise, but I'll stick with my five minutes for now. If you're interested, the website is:

On the gardening side of things, hubby decided to put up the rest of the frame for the garden at the weekend (I asked him to screw a drawer handle on for me - that didn't get done...). The goal is to have roofing, netting and a windbreak on the frame, but for now, I've just stuck up some old weed mat to act as a windbreak for my basil (apparently doesn't appreciate those southerly breezes). I've been contemplating moving the dining table so it runs along the bottom of our "sunny" window and putting all the capsicum plants on there for the winter. Will run it past hubby :)

I have a wheat pack on my shoulder at the moment. My boy decided we should clean the windows today, so we had a crack at that and I managed to pull a muscle doing it! (Give you an idea of how long it's been?) Nothing a bit of Nurofen and heat can't fit, but definitely a sign that I need to sort out my physical side. Given that the budget is generally looking pretty good, maybe it is time I focused on my health.

What do you guys struggle with most in winter?

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Jane B (NSW) - 11 May 2017
So after paying money for my husbands operation earlier this year. Little tax return last year (which we usually use for rego etc.) and my $7500 childcare rebate running out. it's all come to a head in May. My husband is giving me an extra $100 a week bring my budget to $2493 a fortnight and I have managed to put $170 away. So apart from my usually fortnightly bills:

Rent: $680
Gas: $35
Electricity: $65
Water: $12
Car payment: $224.20
Contents ins.: $ 35
Childcare (family day care): $258.70 (now)
Childcare: $470 (now)
Private health: $127
Kids account: $2

Total: $1908.90

Phone/internet and pay tv are paid by DH

I can skip gas and electricity as it is set up from my end.

And then the other bills for May:
17th May: rego: $357
17th May: green slip: $433.93
22nd May: Kids back app.: $72.60
29th May: Little DD Ent app.: $220
30th May: my back app.: $92.40.
School fees term two: $110

So I'm going to reduce childcare payment to $350 and skip the gas ands electricity.
So I'll behind in childcare :$170, gas: $35 and elec: $65, But we will eat!

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Ok, so a serious review was needed for the May Budget as I have so many expenses in this month it is not funny. This month I have:

1. RWC for new car $100 (getting done today, fingers crossed it passes)

2. Registration for new car $453.45 (just popped this into the TMR Calculator), registration is for 6 months

3. Registration for DH car $452.80 (only paying 6 months as I did not account for 2 vehicles to be registered this month. I actually didn't plan on purchasing a vehicle until July)

4. Organise insurance for my car I looked on Youi and estimated it to be about $20/month, at this stage until I build up my accounts again, I will just pay by the month and then once enough saved start organising these to be yearly.

5. Pay DD school fees for the term $257.50

6. Pay DS school fees for the month $200

7. Pay water bill for PPR this is about $700

8. Pay for cat to be desexed and microchipped $170

9. Pay for 4 pups plus 2 dogs to be vaccinated plus microchipping of the pups $500

10. Pay Gas Bill which has come in $20 more than I anticipated, they have done an estimate again, so instead of $45 I now owe $65.

11. RACQ Annual Membership $99

So far looking at the budget, zero money will go towards paying extra off debt or building up EF again. This will come in once I have sold at least 3 of the pups. So far I have taken $200 deposit for each, I have received 3 deposits and just waiting on 4th one to be paid on Thursday. So the deposits for the pups pays for all the vaccinations, microchipping and desexing. Then the balance of the funds paid from the sale will boost the EF for the interim until I can pay the money back to the dogs account again and build up my $2k EF.

I will have about 1 weeks holiday pay coming to me from Job #1 and about 1.5 weeks holiday coming from job #2. I anticipate that this will not be paid until first week in June. So everything will be a little tight for the month. Lucky we don't need to buy a lot of food this month. The holiday pay will boost the funds for the 2 mortgages to cover next months payments as I will not be paid until 15th of the month for the new job and then monthly thereafter.

I have revised the BFI budget to allow for the dual houses that we will run for the following 2 months. Then I have adjusted to allow for rent to be received on our PPR for August, I am confident that we will secure a tenant relatively quickly prior to DH leaving and coming up to me.

So things to organise this month:

1. Phone the two removalist companies that new job has provided to me and get quotes on moving and book in my preferred move date. Company will pay all removalist fees.

2. Sell off all items that we do not want to take with us

3. Go through all the boxes that have been put aside for the past 3 years and not really touched and throw out what we actually do not need to take with us. Sell off any items we can offload, rest to the bin.

4. Go through all clothing and discard anything that no longer fits or brings joy. Sell off the decent items that are practically brand new and donate the others to charity.

5. Go through DD room and get rid of all books that are too young for her, the same with her toys, she needs a new cull done here.

6. Seek a smaller fridge/freezer to put in house whilst DD, DS and DH are still living here over the next few months.NO LONGER REQUIRED

7. Deliver puppy to Central Qld home, organise pick up of the other two and ensure I have enough supplies for the final puppy that will stay with us for another 3 weeks.

8. Put up towel rails in bathroom, take back bigger towel rails to bunnings for refund as no longer needed. Take back other items to bunnings for things we did not use from the weekends maintenance tasks.

9. Do a dump run with all the items in the yard that we do not need to take with us.

10. Get my car registered

11. Seek boarding for DS from June - November.

12. Organise my Superannuation, I am not able to take one of my current supers with me, so that one will be closed once I finish here and will be rolled over into other fund. Check with my other fund to see if I can still use it at another organisation. If not I will do some research and find a new superfund, maybe look at the BFI suggested one. Then send details through to new job for processing.

13. Look at the two primary schools for DD to start after June/July School holidays.I have made contact with the two schools and they will send me through their enrolment packs, I have also emailed a friend to get advice on which one.

14. Send in resignation letter to job #1 next week.

15. Organise the replacement shower screen to be installed by end of June.

16. Organise a PO Box and redirect mail.

I think that just about completes my list of things I need to consider this month. Can you think of anything I might have forgotten? At least now I have a list done up and I can work towards everything on it and add extra as it comes to mind.

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Bruce (Qld) - 28 Feb 2017

"I'm friggin' bored over here," Miss4 shocked us by muttering the other day.

She was sitting in a seat at the front of the bus and at first we weren't entirely sure what she'd said. Or rather, we were hoping we'd misheard.

Unfortunately, though, we've been a bit laid up. First I was unwell a few days from Christmas, and now it's the kids turn. Master11 and Miss13 have been complaining of tiredness and headaches and muscle soreness, and their temps have been up. So instead of exploring the reef and Mossman Gorge, as planned, we've been sitting in the bus trying to contain our unwellness to our own little family. And while the three youngest seem to have avoided whatever's knocked their older siblings for six, they do have a bad dose of cabin fever.

"What was that, sweetie?" Tracey asked Miss4 while I stood behind her grinning.

"I'm bored," said Miss4.

"Yes, but how bored?" I asked.

"Very?" said Miss4, a little confused now.

"What did you say just before though?" Tracey asked, trying to phase the question without leading the witness.

"I said," said Miss4 defiantly, "I'm friggin' bored over here."


Tracey turned to face me and I grinned at her in a conspiratorial fashion…

…when I realised she wasn't doing the same. In fact, it occurred to me her expression was a lot more accusatorial than conspiratorial.


"She's four!" said Tracey.

"I know."

"She shouldn't be talking like that."

"I know."

"You need to watch your mouth around the kids now we're living in each others' pockets."

She's right about watching our mouths. Master11 has already complained about the way Tracey and I talk to each other.

"Stop it! Just stop it!" he shouted at us on the third day of the trip. "I had no idea you guys talked about sex so much." Mainly playful innuendo, which we've always done and thought nothing of. It seemed odd to suddenly be pulled up on it. "And stop touching each other all the time!"

"I only rubbed her shoulders as I walked past," I said.

"Well she can rub her own shoulders, can't she?"

"You should be pleased your parents like each other enough to hug and kiss," Tracey tried explaining.

"Otherwise you wouldn't be here," I added helpfully.


It's been fun.

But I haven't been swearing. Any more than usual. And besides…

"Couldn't have come from me," I said. "I don't say friggin'. I say freakin'." Actually, I'm more likely to say the actual f-word, but I sensed bringing that up at this juncture wasn't going to help me win the argument. "I don't even know what friggin' means." Then I went on, poorly attempting to sound coy, and accidentally proved my innocence by catching the culprit in a beautiful Scooby Doo trap. "Maybe you can explain it to me later tonight when the kids are asleep?"

"Friggin' hell!" yelped Master11 from the back of the bus. "Please! Stop!"


This is Lukie my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel done on 18 count ecru Aida fabric. There are 6 A4 pages to the pattern, I am on the third page. The picture is a 28cm square or 200 stiches wide by 200 stitches high so 20 000 stitches. It was originally a photo taken when Lukie was a puppy... he is an old dog now...I had the photo converted to a cross stitch pattern.

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Wendy F ((Formerly Still Learning WA)) - 5 Jan 2017
Finally, a new thread for the new year. Been either too tired or too busy to get to it but here I am!

New Years Eve was entertaining. Poor DH had to work 530pm to midnight so I took Ddad and both girls across the road to our neighbours who had invited us. Table tennis table was in garage for the kids but the adults had lots of fun playing too. I rediscovered my teenage skills but sadly was not able to beat anybody. Managed to have conversations with a few people I did not know and was surprised to find a family I have known since kindy. Spent some time sitting by myself but I was content to stop and be quiet. Girls seemed ok so we ended up staying for the midnight countdown.

But the next day I paid for my fun. Sore, tired, cranky. Got up 630am with less than 5 hours sleep, but when I went to shower, instead I crawled back into bed and slept until 1130am. Finally got moving and faced the job of packing up Christmas tree and decorations but I just wanted to go back to bed. Cranky all day.

Monday 2nd woke up feeling a bit more positive. Cleaned kitchen bench, we all went to shopping centre for errands and lunch in the food court. Last day of holidays for DH and I. Didn't get much else done that day but was definitely feeling physically better.

Tuesday I returned to work but as expected, there wasn't much invoicing work for me. I had both girls and a friend out on the ice so I kept checking on them and took a break, and started with computer and printer issues but I was still struggling to fill my minimum 3 hours. Ended up photocopying for the bookkeeper which I didn't mind. Next week I'll be back to normal.

Today is Wednesday and I ducked out early for shopping and then had to dash back to collect DD12 who hadn't even brushed her teeth to go to dentist for scale and clean before orthodontist tomorrow. DD finally got some good appraisal for her clean teeth which was good as orthodontist is always saying her dental hygiene is not up to scratch.

I have 2 extra girls from next door overnight as their parents are at a wedding. I spent the afternoon picking up off playroom floor, wiping bird poop off window sill, tv unit and a board that sits on the floor for DD12 to practice tap dance. Which she doesn't. But the bird sits in front of the large ex bathroom mirror we hung on the wall, and sings to his prospective partner from his reflection. But the mess! I managed to vacuum and mop and wipe what I needed to. Had planned to get girls to help but DD12 managed to sprain her ankle yesterday and DD9 is getting increasingly defiant and difficult and they fought over the broom so I sent them to their bedrooms for quiet time and got on with the job by myself. Finally got it done, 4 mattresses moved in, bedding done. Took all 4 girls back next door for a swim then back home to get dinner going. Really tired but not cranky.

Well, as usual, lots more done in between but not going to go on and on. Already too tired to think and still trying to get girls to quieten down.



Ok, so today marks the first pay to come into my account for 2017. I was all set with my new 2017 Budget which was set up Barefoot Investor Style. However, as per usual IP Income can be sporadic and came in less than what was set out in the budget due to a repair to the house that had to be done in December. It was only $90 less but it still through my budget out.

So with this what I learnt was that I don't think setting up the budget Barefoot Style (i.e. allocating set percentages to set buckets) will overly work for me. I have it set out so that 60% of my income goes towards Blow which is every day expenses, this has helped me look at how much I am spending on items like food and assisted in reducing this expense. Then the next is 10% to Splurge, it is supposed to be put towards things you enjoy, however I had reduced this to 5% because I want to throw the other 5% to the Credit Card at the moment, so the 5% really just covers up coming expenses like kids swimming and music. Then you have 20% to Fire Extinguisher which is taking down your debt, currently I have upped this to 35% of my income so I can knock down the CC, plus I need to put so much towards the IP as the rental income doesn't cover it, once the CC is paid then it is used to build the 3 month Emergency Fund. Then finally you have 10% to Smile, which is supposed to go towards things like holidays, however, I will be putting my toward the Emergency Fund first. I then have a separate section for the IP income and have it allocated out for each month.

I have found that it will probably work ok as long as I don't have any decrease changes to income or rent. I am only one part of my income into January and I am already not liking my new budget set up. I liked the simplistic nature of my budget last year. So as soon as my pay goes in on Wednesday I might look at changing it back, I will just use the Barefoot style to guide myself so that I can keep on track with the percentages, but it has just complicated my budget too much.

When I head back to work next week I will be able to jump straight back onto the payroll system and change out my fortnightly allocations just like I had done previously. All the buckets were doing my head in.

It is good to trial new ideas and see how it is going to work for you. However if it over complicates the system then it is just not worth doing and something needs to change. I am always open to new ideas, and will try it but this was just not a good idea to add extra stress to a relatively stress free budget I had in 2016.


So to continue on from previously.... huge huge year.

At the start of this year I was pretending we were moving and cleaning out the house of junk to try declutter a lot and then it all went sideways and backways...

In March we found out we were having another baby, which meant we actually did have to move house LOL. We secured a house thankfully with lots more space.

I got rid of a lot lot lot of stuff and yet we have managed to fill this house to over flowing... opps

So I am still working hard to clean out the house, reduce what we have and what we acquire and at the same time finish my Cert 3/4 in Personal training, a diploma in business and a diploma in nutrition as well as raising not only my 3 older children but caring for my beautiful 8 week old baby girl who suffers horrible horrible reflux from multiple food sensitives.

Exercise is featuring heavily in my life too at the moment, trying to get my fitness and endurance back post baby. It is an awesome way to get focused on everything big that needs doing around the house and in reorgansing my life.

Over the next week I will be clearing out an outdoor toilet room to be made into a space to lock my cats when they are annoying me LOL I will put a screen door on it and put in branches and climbing stuff for them to play on. Much better than having to try and get them to go away when we are eating, my kitten is terrible for trying to steal food off your plate.

While all the junk in there, from the previous tenant, is being put in the trailer I will also collect up a lot of old building supplies lying around we don't need (rotted old wood, broken roof tiles etc) and get rid of that too :) Which will clear a space for building the dogs run as well.

We have a space, quiet large, down the side of the house that once cleaned out and the gate repaired to make it secure will be a safe area for me to put the dog when the kids have friends over or while we eat etc

Then once both of those are done I can look at getting my chicken run set up and some chookys as well.

I also have several boxes I still need to cull and unpack, books to sort through, painting to get done, blah blah blah LOL

Now focusing on getting all the old junk we just dont want both of ours and that came with the house. Upgrading what we do use to make sure it is practical and long lasting.

It is amazing how much of a relief it is to get rid of it all too.

Working through it all is great but also need to get some organsation happening and set up the house in a more practical way.

I am desperate to get my kids some storage in their bedrooms, I have choosen their furniture I just need to save for it and make trips to ikea :) I really want their rooms set up nice and neat for them and to make it easier for them to work on as at the moment everything they own is crammed into 2 flexitubs and a box each. Bub has taken over my drawers for her things which is annoying as well lol.

But right now I am off with DD11 to sit and sort through some baby clothes we have been given/collected. We have been given so many hand me downs I need to cull a little lol.


It's see-sawed back and forth. Life happens and sometimes the home loan is put on the back burner, or takes a couple of steps backwards. Sometimes, it's like we go two steps forward and one step back.

But it seems reasonable to make a plan. Heaps of inspirational quotes can be used here;

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

"Success doesn't just happen. It is planned for."

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

"I am going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can."

Let's just say that conventional wisdom says that it makes good common sense to make a plan. For me, plans need to be broken down into manageable smaller steps to be able to achieve the overall goal. With longer term plans, like owning your own home, I'm pretty sure that it will take a good deal of dedication. But the outcome, I'm sure will be worth while.

So as we stand. I'm having baby #4, we are currently a dual income family, but one of those incomes is a business and requires extraordinary hours, time and energy. The other is 0.6 teaching load, with two days a week working in the business and child care costs are huge. Our income would be considered tiny compared to the 'norm'. As baby #4 is due to arrive next year, this will mean a slight drop in one income and an increase in the other as I won't have to rely on DH to do drop off's in the morning and some afternoon pick ups. It will mean that hopefully, he will be able to work more consistent hours. It will also mean no child care costs ***YAY***. In essence, we shouldn't really be dropping our income.

So the plan.

- 3 years. Well, actually, I turn 37 in Feb, so 3 years and 3 months, or... 172 weeks.

- House payed off before I turn 40 years old! Oh my goodness, that old :( I'm sure homeownership and goals accomplished will soften the blow.

- Currently owing. $90,276.

So the plan, basically will be to make the plan succeed $525 per week! WOW. WOW. WOW! That is a lot. And I haven't included interest over the 3 years. But, sneakily, I upped our normal repayments to $530p/w. It's huge. It will require very careful budgeting. It borders on completely crazy. But, it's 3 years to win a huge financial freedom.

So that is the plan. The plan is in place. The plan is on 'auto pilot' from here on in. Any additional cash that enters our world can be used to help reduce the length of time.

Deep, deep breath. Let's hit this thing head on, at speed and with with persistence and perseverance.

Feel free to join in the madness or follow our families journey.

Tradies Wife.


Donna (QLD) - 12 Dec 2015

ITCH, itches, itchy, itching

SCRATCH, scratches, scratchy, scratching

Itchy baby

+ Bed Sores





allergies - reactions to foods, bug bites, medicines, environmental problems, can cause rashes, depressions, or bumps on the skin

bacteria, symptom is usually hot, swollen, red, and painful and requires antibiotics- pills and/or creams.


Virus -

Insects or worms

Cortisone steriod creams - unsuitable for children under 2 yrs old


Still collating this info




Eczema -


HEAT, DRYNESS and PRICKLE aggravate eczema. It is important you are aware of these three factors and remove them from your child's environment. You should keep your child COOL, well MOISTURISED and in LOOSE, LIGHT COTTON CLOTHING and BLANKETS.

Read much more info here >

Eczema Creams, Emollients and Moisturisers

Choosing a cream for baby eczema is really about personal preference. If there is no sensitivity to a chosen cream then regular application is more important than what you apply.

In many ways it is easier to outline what shouldn't be in creams than what should; added ingredients are likely to cause reactions. Perfumes and colours are completely unnecessary and should always be avoided. Preservatives although needed in some creams, like those containing water should be kept to a minimum, additives like parabens and surfactants (detergents) are common causes of skin irritation and should be avoided.

It's also worth mentioning Aqueous cream this was designed as an emollient cleanser and should NOT be left on the skin. It can irritate the skin of children with Eczema and make it much worse. One study of children attending one dermatology clinic showed irritant reactions to aqueous cream in over 50% of children. (Cork et al 2003) The same study showed reactions to 17% of other commonly prescribed emollients.

Eczema creams themselves can be either mineral based products or natural plant based oils and butters.
Petroleum jelly and other pure mineral based emollients are unlikely to cause a reaction even in the most sensitive of people but these creams are frequently full of preservatives and additives, they also do little to actually nourish and moisturise the skin. Creams derived from plant oils or butters still have the benefits of the living plants in them and when well chosen can have many advantages over mineral based emollients.

Moisturising is so very important that it's great to make it an enjoyable part of you and your baby's routine. It can be a lovely time to make eye contact, smile, kiss and bond with tiny babies. Try to make it a special time for you both, older toddlers will love the attention too, even if they are a little harder to keep still!

It really is much easier to feel that your caring for and pampering your little one than medicating them.

There's much more to read here ...>

Baby skin reaction to new product -



What's the difference between Athletes foot and Tinea Pedis?

Athlete's foot (also known as ringworm of the foot[1] and tinea pedis[1]) is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling, flaking, and itch of affected areas, and in severe cases, swelling and amputation of the foot. It is caused by fungi in the genus Trichophyton. The disease is typically transmitted in moist communal areas where people walk barefoot, such as showers or bathhouses,[citation needed] and requires a warm moist environment, such as the inside of a shoe, in order to incubate. This fungus only affects approximately 0.75% of habitually (frequently) barefoot people.[2]

Although the condition typically affects the feet, it can infect or spread to other areas of the body, including the groin, particularly areas of skin that are kept hot and moist, such as with insulation, body heat, and sweat, e.g. in a shoe, for long periods of time. While the fungus is generally picked up through walking barefoot in an infected area or using an infected towel, infection can be prevented by remaining barefoot as this allows the feet to dry properly and removes the fungus' primary incubator - the warm moist interior of a shoe.[3] Athlete's foot can be treated by a very limited number of pharmaceuticals (including creams) and other treatments, although it can be almost completely prevented by never wearing shoes, or wearing them as little as possible.

Athlete's foot is caused by a fungus that grows on or in the top layer of skin. Fungi (plural of fungus) grow best in warm, wet places, such as the area between the toes.

Athlete's foot spreads easily. You can get it by touching the toes or feet of a person who has it. But most often, people get it by walking barefoot on contaminated surfaces near swimming pools or in locker rooms. The fungi then grow in your shoes, especially if your shoes are so tight that air cannot move around your feet.

Athlete's foot can make your feet and the skin between your toes burn and itch. The skin may peel and crack. Your symptoms can depend on the type of athlete's foot you have. Read more about athlete's foot.

Tinea pedis - Ringworm - Superficial fungal infection of the feet is somewhat unique because of the location. Between the toes (most commonly the fourth and fifth), the condition appears as erythema, maceration, and scaling. In some cases, this may become secondarily infected. It is attended by itching or vague discomfort. On the sole and the lateral aspects of the feet, scattered pustules and vesicles with surrounding erythema and edema may occur. More commonly, there is persistent dry scale in a "moccasin" distribution with minimal inflammation.

How to Dry up Weeping fluid from Eczema

Talk to your doctor about medications available to treat the weeping. Your doctor will give you oral antibiotics and possibly a topical one as well. Take the whole course of treatment and do not stop early; this ensures the infection is completely eradicated.

Avoid scratching to dry up weeping and prevent it. Scratching can lead to skin breakage, which allows bacteria to enter the skin and will worsen current oozing. Over-the-counter antihistamines, hydrocortisone creams and calamine lotion can relieve itching. Stronger prescription steroid creams are also an option. Cut your nails and cover the area to avoid temptation to scratch. Cool compresses and baths with baking soda or oatmeal can also relieve itching.

Take a bleach bath. Add one-half cup of bleach to a bath filled with warm water. The bleach kills the bacteria that cause infection and will dry up your weeping patches. Remain in the water for five to 10 minutes. Do not do this more than twice a week and do not use more than the suggested amount of bleach.

Ask your doctor about topical witch hazel. Liquid solutions containing this herb are very astringent, meaning they have drying properties. Witch hazel is also very antiseptic. It might help you dry up the oozing. Scientific evidence is lacking and evidence of benefit is anecdotal, based on a long history of traditional use.

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