This year we are setting our goals high – very high. We are planning to save 100 million dollars together.

We know we can do it because our secret weapon, the Save-O-Meter, has previously reached $45.7 million, and we weren’t even trying! We know we can accomplish something amazing together so we’re going to re-set the Save-O-Meter to zero and reach for the stars! Are you ready to take the 100 Million Dollar Challenge?

We've saved: $480,196(in 299 days)

Today Rhianon G saved $28.10
A co-worker clean out her son's closest. I got one costume free and one will be $dollars to Dye & sew in a zipper
Tuesday gemini67au saved $23.75
supermarket savings
Tuesday esptm saved $5.00
Sample bag
Tuesday Chris G saved $125.00
cancelled annual charity donation
Tuesday Chris G saved $18.00
wine 25% off @ BWS
Tuesday Chris G saved $9.14
supermarket savings
Monday Kim W saved $6.00
Made do with existing PJ shirt
Monday Kim W saved $15.00
DH gave DS bucket hat so no need to buy new
Monday Kim W saved $10.00
Changed cushions around to avoid buying new insert
Monday Kim W saved $15.00
Borrowing kids skipping rope for exercise rather than buying another

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