This year we are setting our goals high – very high. We are planning to save 100 million dollars together.

We know we can do it because our secret weapon, the Save-O-Meter, has previously reached $45.7 million, and we weren’t even trying! We know we can accomplish something amazing together so we’re going to re-set the Save-O-Meter to zero and reach for the stars! Are you ready to take the 100 Million Dollar Challenge?

We've saved: $165,628(in 39 days)

Monday Clutterhen saved $150.00
claimed the electricity rebate
Monday Kim W saved $100.00
Menu planned & stuck to my grocery list
Monday Kim W saved $100.00
No unnecessary trips down the street or impulse buys this week
Monday Barb76 saved $15.00
Made dinner instead of resorting to takeaway
Monday Barb76 saved $40.00
Didn't buy the few things I " needed"
Monday Barb76 saved $700.00
Bought a new iPad charger instead of having to buy a new iPad Air
Monday sinders (the other cindy) saved $93.75
50% off marked down togs
Monday busyworking saved $6.00
Sold some eggs
Monday busyworking saved $2.00
Made pasta sauce from ingredients from the garden
Monday busyworking saved $3.00
Managed to get the washing dry without using the dryer.

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